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Welcome to the future of self-service technology – today! e|tab is a compelling new option to meet the increasing demand for menu access and customer ordering convenience delivered via technology. Our web and mobile solutions allow customers to browse menus, make selections, and pay for their orders through a brand-specific interface, accessible from anywhere. The e|tab kiosk accelerates brick and mortar business with “line-busting” and a streamlined ordering process, increasing total throughput. What’s more, these self-service options eliminate potential points of friction when placing orders and drive higher average ticket sales (and increased loyalty) as a result of the enhanced customer experience. Best of all: the setup and deployment process is fast and efficient, overseen by an attentive staff with real-world restaurant experience.

Did we mention this product has been developed through real-world experience? The e|tab system was designed by a group of technology professionals that all hail from backgrounds in the hospitality arena. From table and bar service for restaurants and nightclubs to senior management positions in fine-dining and resort management, our product suite has been informed by challenges faced and lessons learned over decades of employment in the space. What’s more, as e|tab also represents a next generation payment solution that allows for digital payments across a variety of devices and funding sources, it also benefits from the experience and guidance of team members that have spent time in the financial and merchant services industries. All of this means that, whether you are a customer looking for a fast and safe way to make digital transactions or a hospitality or restaurant operator looking to enter the world of online business, e|tab can help you achieve your goals and accelerate your business – the right way, the first time.

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