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Building a great technology business in the Hospitality sector requires great software, hardware and customer support. At e|tab, we recognize that to be truly great in any one of those areas requires focus, dedication and expertise: So how can one company be great (or even good?) in all? Our answer is simple: we keep our attention and efforts trained on building and deploying the best software products we can produce and trust in strong partnerships to bring the rest of the pieces to the table.

Priority Payment Systems provides consumer-inspired products, world-class service and competitive pricing, creating a clear choice for today’s efficiency driven merchants. Find out how we can make your sales process more efficient and more profitable! Priority Payment Systems offers leading next generation credit card processing solutions. We offer a range of merchant banking products plus a full-featured point of sale solution to meet your electronic payment processing needs. Take advantage of our progressive technologies, competitive pricing and world class customer service to make your sales process more efficient and more profitable!

MICROS Systems’ software and hardware is used in the restaurant industry and primarily includes touchscreen computers for the serving staff to place orders, which are then sent to kitchen and bar printers for preparation. The back-office and enterprise software allow different types of reports, such as total sales and total menu items sold, to be produced. MICROS provides different products for different restaurant sizes and styles, including products for single-entity restaurants, major chain restaurants (with centralized reporting) and multiple-restaurant properties, including casinos, stadiums and cruise ships. MICROS products have the ability to interface to other systems such as inventory control systems and hotel systems.

Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. is a Fortune 1000 company that provides debit, prepaid, and credit card processing, mobile commerce, e-commerce, check processing, payroll services, billing services, marketing services, security technology, lending services and a growing line of industry-specific business facilitation solutions for small to mid-sized merchants and enterprises. Founded by Robert O. Carr in 1997, Heartland Payment Systems is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. There are also offices nationally in Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Arizona, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Lilitab based in San Francisco, California, is a group of designers, engineers and business people passionate about the use of tablet computers in public environment. With their compelling interface, compact form-factor and price point, there are all kinds of new and unique uses for putting interactivity into the public space. Founded in 2011 by Adam Aronson, an award-winning kiosk designer, Lilitab is committed to delivering the most secure, functional and stylish security enclosures for ANY tablet.

Epson America, Inc. is a leading manufacturer in the printer, professional imaging, projector, scanner, systems devices, and factory automation categories.  They are known as an innovator, constantly delivering high performance products, services and solutions that exceed customers’ expectations.  Best known in the hospitality sector for their high quality printers, Epson continues to provide industry-leading hardware which has been tested and approved by operators.

Since 2000, POS Portal has been a leading distributor of order entry and terminal modules.  Simply put, PosPortal brings together POS hardware, software and unparalleled customer service to facilitate commerce.  From deployment services and equipment sales, to rentals and an advanced merchant services sales portal, PosPortal is constantly seeking new ways to find new innovations that have a powerful effect on customer’s bottom line.

Boomtown is a true unbiased advocate for local businesses and they work hard to provide the tools needed to thrive in today’s quickly evolving business world. They are essentially the Consumer Reports of business tools.  Boomtown does the diligence to find the best solutions at the best prices across the country and can assist with anything from the basics, like automated accounting, to network installation and maintenance to customer relationship building and email marketing.  Not only do they help provide recommendations, they will help configure, train and provide Tier 1 to Tier 3 customer support.

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