Can a customer edit an order set for the future?

No; all orders are paid and closed once they have been placed by the customer. The venue operator can void the original order and create a new one if there is an error or major change requested.


Can my customers save their account information and order history?

Yes, customers can create an account using Facebook or by registering directly with e|tab. Once they have an account and log in, we can offer them their last five orders for simple reordering [...]


Can customers place orders in advance?

Yes, e|tab allows for orders to be placed up to a week in advance and for any day part that orders are normally allowed. Example: An order may be placed on Monday for 1:30pm pickup on Tuesday.


If my Internet goes down, can I still receive orders?

Yes. If you signed up for email and/or text alerts any orders that are placed while your Internet service is down will arrive as a text or email on any mobile data-enabled device.


Can e|tab print orders directly to my kitchen?

Yes, with the addition of a Web-aware intelligent printer available here, e|tab can route jobs directly to your current Epson-based kitchen printing network. e|tab can also route jobs directly [...]